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23rd June 2014

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Korra sat on her bed, her window open with the night sky clear. Sighing, the thought about her life. Was she the Avatar still, even though the spirits roam the human world? And what about her love life? Her relationship with Mako didn’t go anywhere. She ruffled her hair in frustration.

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13th June 2014

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Korra raised an eyebrow and smiled affectionately. 

"Did ya miss me?"

"I always miss Korra."

Korra rustled up his hair with her hand, chuckling at the big guy. “Thanks, Big Mac. It’s nice to be back.”

Big Mac looked down to her. “So how has everything been?”

(i apologise for my slip up! its been awhile and forgot to switch XD)

The Avatar took a deep breath. “It’s been quiet, sort of.” Korra rubbed the back of her neck. “Its been stressful, ya know. Being the Avatar and stuff.”

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13th June 2014

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Korra raised an eyebrow and smiled affectionately. 

"Did ya miss me?"

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31st August 2013

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{Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt like a shitty rp partner.}



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25th August 2013

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RPers: Reblog if you are 18 or older

This means you are legal in the US and won’t have anyone else arrested for smutting with you if that is so.

So, just please reblog if you are.

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5th August 2013

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23rd July 2013


Oh well thanks no one

I’m going on Omegle because no one is online to sex with Korra.

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23rd July 2013

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Roleplay anyone?

Korra sat alone as she fiddled with some dirt. I wish someone to talk to me… She thought to herself.

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23rd July 2013

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Roleplay time~

Anyone ready for some Korra sex?

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22nd July 2013


Anonymous said: How drunk are you?

Last night, I passed the fuck out after I drank 1 bottle of Mike’s Hard Lemonade. It was the special edition Blood Orange one too. (Does that mean I was drunk? I’ve been used to drinking Smirnoff Ice.)

22nd July 2013


I feel a little dizzy.

Who wants to RP? :D I’ve been drinking Mike’s Hard Lemonade so I will not mind roleplaying tonight. :)

20th July 2013

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So yeah… Korra news…

I know everyone (including myself) is freaking out because a shit ton of us could NOT go to Comic Con to see the Korra panel or see the first episode of Book 2. Trust me, I’m in the same boat. It was a stressful moment and freaked out my roommates who are also into LoK and A:TLA. They didn’t want spoilers so I basically flailed around the apartment and threw my phone when we found out that Korra was NOT gonna have their Book 2 on TV until September. I was like, “THESE BITCHES…”

But anyways, I’m anxiously waiting along with you guys. I’ll still smut roleplay Borra, Makorra (so canon it hurts), Korrlok, and Amorra. Honestly, I’m going to stick with these because they are amazing.

As of my personal life, go ahead and follow me on my personal blog by clicking here. I reblog every single day and I officially hit post limit for the first time (since I joined your beautiful souls 2 years ago) last night (most terrifying 3 hours of my life, I had to socialize with my roomies).

I’m glad I could connect with you all again, I had been missing my lovely Korra fangirls and boys.

Maybe, I might smut roleplay depending on the episode of that week that it’s on. ;)

Happy smutting, I love you all!~

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19th July 2013

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My character has ‘tripped’ and fallen onto your characters chest, how does your character respond?

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18th July 2013

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Anonymous said: could we get a topless picture?


17th July 2013


OMG well goodnight guys. I’m going now.

Silly Arthur didn’t reply so I guess see you another day maybe. Night

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